Chavroux: finest goat’s cheese à la française

Chavroux has brought French goat's cheese to the German consumers. Its popularity, which has increased steadily since its launch in the mid-1980s, has made Chavroux the market leader. Chavroux is mild and its fine aroma of goat's milk is a hit both with those new to the style and to lovers of goat's cheese.

Chavroux is always something special: the eyecatching pyramid of fine goat's fresh cream cheese, which is a treat on any cheeseboard, the soft cheese roll with its mild taste, melting consistency and a pleasantly soft rind – all made of goat's milk.

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What makes goat’s milk special?

Chavroux is not only valued for its varied taste, but also for health reasons. Their proteins and the low lactose content mean that goat’s milk and cheese are a real alternative for people with lactose intolerance (in Germany that’s around 11 million people).



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