Our roots

We are strongly rooted in our home region of the Allgäu. Find out what makes the region so special and how we chose our company logo.

Edelweiss – a symbol of something special

Our founder Karl Hoefelmayr chose and registered our logo, the alpine edelweiss flower, to represent his speciality cheeses. It symbolises the characteristics we have represented for over 125 years: nature, purity and health – and, of course, our home region of the Allgäu. We think it’s rather special. Just like us.

Our home in the Allgäu region

The picturesque Allgäu region in southernmost Germany is characterised by natural and cultural diversity. The low foothills lead to the stunning Lake Constance in the west. Around Kempten, they transform into a gently rolling landscape of lush green hills before rising up to become the jagged peaks of the Alps.

Here, people and animals live in harmony with nature. The unspoiled landscapes and pristine natural world offer an escape from the hustle and bustle elsewhere. In summer, visitors can hike on the scenic Alps and watch cheesemakers at work; in winter, they can wander through stunning snowy landscapes before warming up in a cosy log cabin.

Our local Braunvieh cattle, a hardy and long-lived breed, have plenty of space to live healthy, happy lives in the meadows of the Allgäu. A fortunate side effect of their grazing is that they help to maintain the region’s cultural landscape.

Every year, a special event takes place in the Allgäu: the traditional Viehscheid, or cattle-sorting festival. After a summer of grazing on the Alps, the cows are brought back to the valley decorated with wild flowers and to the sound of celebratory bells.

But there’s a lot more than agriculture to recommend in the Allgäu. An increasing number of new and leading industries are turning the Allgäu into a vigorous, forward-looking region.

The cultural landscape ranges from traditional customs to modern events. From local folk music to performances by international superstars, there’s something for everyone in the Allgäu.

The Allgäu is both traditional and modern. And so are we.

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