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This is where we’re from. We get our milk fresh from the Allgäu every day.

Around 200 family-run farms in the Allgäu supply their milk to Edelweiss. Our dairy farmers are all from the Bavarian Allgäu and the neighbouring Württemberg Allgäu. That means it’s just a short trip from the farm to the factory – which is good news for the environment, too. On average, each of these family farms keeps 45 dairy cows and produces about 340,000 kg milk per year.

Maintaining positive and fair relationships with our milk suppliers is of utmost importance to us. We need to work together in order to make the best products from the best raw ingredients. That means building long-standing partnerships that last for generations.

The people behind our milk

Our cows are part of our family.

„I love my cows. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to do my job. And we give all our cows names – it’s an important part of building a relationship with the animals.“

Manuel Diebolder

Everywhere you look is green.

„We’re very happy on our farm. Pasture works best for us here, so we put our cows out to graze. The fresh air is good for cows and for people.“

The Läufle family

There’s nothing better.

„You can turn grassland into anything: young grass makes good protein feed and hay provides raw fibre. Everything cows need to be healthy is right there. And our meadows store more CO2 than any forest.“

The Wassermann family

Always a step ahead.

„Tradition is important, but it’s always good to look to the future. That’s why we’ll soon be applying for certification in accordance with the Baden-Württemberg standards for cow welfare.“

Benedikt Renz and his family

We care about using milk of the highest quality

Grassland feeding

Our cows are our most important employees. Thanks to the region’s plentiful rainfall, conditions in the Allgäu are ideal for grassland farming. Grass is a natural and species-appropriate source of food; our cows primarily eat grass, grass silage or hay. A small amount of corn silage or concentrated feed may be used to supplement this. Because our cows are grass-fed, they are healthy and produce milk of an outstanding quality.


Our farmers have completely avoided the use of genetically modified fodder since 2012. Regular audits are carried out to make sure that they continue to do so. That means the milk we use to make our products is 100% GMO-free.


All our milk suppliers are certified in accordance with QM-Milch milk standards.

Our farmers have voluntarily committed to being audited by an independent organisation. Audits are carried out on-site at regular intervals. In addition to the quality of the milk, the animal feed, welfare and husbandry are checked, as are a number of other regulatory standards.

milk suppliers
An average of
50 dairy cows
per farmer
Each farm produces an average of
390.000 kg milk
Max. distance to the factory:
45 km

Dairy farmer login

Dear farmers: you can access the secure pages for our Edelweiss milk suppliers by entering your three- or four-digit supplier number and your six-digit PIN. These pages contain current information (newsletters, analysis results and so on) for you to view and download.


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