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Edelweiss GmbH & Co. KG
Oberstdorfer Straße 7 · 87435 Kempten
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VAT ID no.: DE 23 12 12 999
Kempten District Court, German Commercial Register (HRA) 8147

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Edelweiss Verwaltung GmbH
Oberstdorfer Straße 7 · 87435 Kempten
Kempten District Court Kempten, German Commercial Register (HRB) 8305

Managing Directors
Olivier Delaméa, Antoine Autran, Frédéric Nalis

Ulrich Hagg

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We will not take part in dispute resolution proceedings with a conciliation body.

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Kirsch Kommunikationsdesign GmbH · Bahnhofstraße 16 · 65396 Walluf
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Roger Richter Photography, Mainz-Kastel · Annika List, Fotografie & Film, Wiesbaden · Dieter Roosen Photography, Heusenstamm · Peter Wirth, Kempten · Steffen Horak · Michel Labelle · Carsten Cotard

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