Edelweiss: innovative, traditional and at home in Allgäu

Edelweiss, one of Germany's leading producers of cheese, has its home in the heart of Allgäu. This traditional company has its head office and production facility in Kempten - one of the most modern cheese factories in Europe. Today, with its 490 employees, Edelweiss is not only one of the largest employers in Kempten, a town with 64,000 inhabitants, but is one of the largest suppliers of cheese specialities in the whole of Germany.


The future in focus

Handling nature’s products every day teaches us the importance of acting according to the rules of sustainability. We acknowledge that environmental protection, practised social responsibility and economic success belong together, are interdependent and mutually influential. Therefore, all our actions are based upon this complex system – on our way to a culture of sustainability. 




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