Processed cheese

Processed cheese is made from hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses. Our Milkana processed cheese is made primarily from cheese we have produced ourselves – using good, honest milk from right here in the Allgäu. Making our own cheese from local milk means that we retain complete control over the quality of the materials we use. And that’s how we make sure our Milkana processed cheese achieves its unique taste, creaminess and high quality standards.

Fresh cheese

We use milk that has been pasteurised and homogenised for our Bresso fresh cheese. The first step in the process is coagulating the milk with the help of rennin and lactic cultures. This coagulated milk is then put through a centrifuge to separate the fresh cheese curd and whey. The fresh cheese curds obtained through this process are then mixed with other ingredients, such as aromatic herbs. In the last step, we use a gentle, specialised process to give our fresh cheese its exceptionally smooth and airy texture.


First of all, we mix preheated milk and cream with other ingredients. This mixture is then heated further and acidified slightly using a special method. During this process, the proteins in the milk and the cream join together. This is what makes the Brunch range so exceptionally spreadable. Our master cheesemakers call this process coagulation. Before we pour the resulting mixture into the final packaging, it is pasteurised and homogenised. Treating the mixture with temperature and pressure this way guarantees that Brunch will spread perfectly every time. Finally, we add ingredients to create the different varieties of Brunch – like spicy paprika and chilli pepper! Alternatively, we put it straight in the tub for original-flavour Brunch.

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